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Public Service Announcement: a few small hierarchy changes

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Based on a few recent suggestions, I have made some changes to users and points:

  • The threshold for users getting editing privileges has been lowered to 6,000. This means that Halcyonic Falcon, Wobbuffet33 and Sam Sam Sam Sam can now edit posts again. Mew is not far off :)
  • The "Editors" group is back (different from above), and they can now hide posts. I have made Speed Freak, PB-10 and J98 editors on a trial period, as they are very active and the only top users not already mods. Remember: only hide posts that break the rules. If you're not sure, either flag it or just leave it alone :)
  • I have left the mods as they are for now, but I'll see how things go with the new Editors if we need more people with banning powers.
  • I have reduced the points for selecting best answer from 4 to 2. I may remove it entirely later, but I thought this is a nice compromise for now. A couple of the top users lost about 400 points but everyone else only lost a small amount.

And as mentioned in various other questions there is a little more security now to try and prevent banned users from returning.

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Thanks Pokemaster I will do my best :D, Dont worry Mew you will be there soon.
Can you lower that 6,000 to 5,500?
Is it possible to give Mods access to the hidden list? It's really annoying looking for hidden stuff if you didn't already have the link to it.
@DT that should be possible soon. In the meantime, try searching your browser history to find pages, if you've visited them.
@everyone just to point out you can answer questions like this if you want, since otherwise it will just stay in the unanswered section.

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Thank you Pokemaster, I promise to do my best :D. I have already hidden a few things that I found that broke the rules.

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Thanks a bunch, Scott.
Looks like we're about to lose 5+ RMT questions ;)

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