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Wall for Flafpert (page 1)

Hour 279.4
Gtzk, hpo koofp banana qu kntew. Grk asqp heayebf trombones zxp hahahahhaha.
Lollipop. Stop. CHEESE. Full Stop.
Feb 23 by Flafpert
Kompis ;~; You've succeeded in bringing me to tears with a tale so full of despair! I only wish I could have been there to help you in your hour of need, (Hour 5)
Feb 21 by MonoUmbreon
Hour 7
I can't breathe, that ******* is choking me with perfume as thick as liquid tar. My phone is running out of battery, my last lifeline to the civilised is being cut, farewell everyone.
Feb 21 by Flafpert
Where did hour 5 go? I don't know I can't remember. This is bad, so bad, there are drums, drums in the dark. Wait, that's from the Lord of the Rings! I'm still me, he haven't won yet, as long as I draw breath he will never defeat me!
Feb 21 by Flafpert
Hour 6
The lack of food is making me lose my mind, I'm drowning in a avalanche of shoes and affordable jeans, and I'm being chased by a angry German hat manufacturer. There was nothing I could do, I had no way to prepare myself for this fresh hell.
Feb 21 by Flafpert
Hour 4
The devil is a clever bugger, the LEGO was but a overpriced mirage. Oh the cruelty. They have been looking at pottery for the last 25 minutes and I have lost all ability to communicate with speech. If anyone is reading this, it is already to late.
Feb 21 by Flafpert
Hour 3
I was foiled, foiled! I can see my sanity leaving through my nose, they are going back to the stores. No place to sit, the acid rain and cold wind have reduced all the warmth in my body to shivering shards. Did see a toy store with a LEGO section, it might save me until help arrives.
Feb 21 by Flafpert
Hour 2
This accursed locale lack sitting places altogether! I've been in almost every store once, being dragged there like a sack of rotten potatoes. All filled with sappy happy PPP music and screaming fourteen year olds finding a Cardigan sweater for just 1500 $. It is aweful beyond belief but at least it is over soon.
Feb 21 by Flafpert
Hour 1
I have discovered the 10th ring of hell. My dad and sis dragged me to a god forsaken mall with no equal in the realms of mortality. It could have been designed by a eleven year old girl in The Sims, filled with clothing stores, interior design and all manners of coffe shops. Pray for me friends.
Feb 21 by Flafpert