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Wall for fondant (page 1)

Your Gravatar is so good.
Apr 27 by LordGoomy

That's all I've got :I
Apr 16 by MrKijani
Emolga be Mad bro
Apr 6 by Graveyard Shift
More sassy emolgas. It never gets old :)
Apr 3 by Generekt
It's staring into my soul...
Mar 30 by Graveyard Shift
Your Gravatar isn't Emolga.
That bothers me.
Mar 30 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Oh good :)
What do you suppose it thinks about my Charmander though O.o?
Mar 28 by MrKijani
I have been judged by your gravatar. Mind letting me know what it thinks?
Mar 17 by MrKijani
Starly > Emolga

Mar 11 by Lust for Glory
You're gonna get ahead of me on meta soon o.O

Btw hurry up and get editor already would ya?kthanks
Feb 26 by Graveyard Shift