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New TCG Deck! Please rate!

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This deck is based off of Rayquaza EX. Enjoy.

enter image description here

Pokemon: 4
Rayquaza-EX x4

Energy: 56
Lightning Energy x28
Fire Energy x28

asked Feb 16, 2013 by Matthichu
Actually, I heard a strategy very close to this for the Plasma Storm prerelease that I attended, but like, two weeks after the tourney. In other words, nice gimmicky deck.
OMG look at this!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwL0TkLDHCg&feature=endscreen I didn't know this guy did the same thing!!
How awesome is that? <3

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What a gimmicky Deck? This is a pretty good deck to be honest, but the only Downfall it has is getting the Rayquaza EX in your Hand at the start of the game. I have some Energy suggestions too, the answer is short but I think it will make this deck very viable. Enjoy!

First thing I realised was that you had no Special Energies. For this reason, remove 2 Fire Energies and 2 Electric Energies to make room for 4 Rescue Energies. These Energies will make sure you get your Rayquaza back after they have been defeated and will also provide you with any type of Energy, which is good since you might not always get the needed Energies. Another great way to help this deck would be to add 4 Revives so that you can get your Rayquaza's back again, again. Lol. The Revives will also help for Castelial Roar, so that if you discard Rayquaza, you can use the Revive to get it back again. For these 4 Revives, I think remove 2 Fire Energies and 2 Electric Energies again. Then, last change but not least, add one Pokemon Collectors to search the deck for the Rayquaza EX. Now let's move on to the deck! Everything will be listed below.


(4x) Rayquaza EX


(4x) Revive
(1x) Pokemon Collector


(4x) Rescue Energies
(24x) Basic Fire Energies
(23x) Basic Electric Energies

Total Deck: 60 Cards

Well, hope I helped you! I think adding all these new Energies and Trainers will really help you Deck to be successful. Good luck!

answered Feb 16, 2013 by Flare
selected Feb 16, 2013 by Matthichu
Thanks for the rate! I have never even heard about Rescue Energy, that is really good! Poke Collecter is good too. Thanks again for the rate!
You're Welcome :D