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Rate my UU Soul Silver team!

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I want you to rate my team. Which one should I replace and moves/items I should use?
NOTE: I dont know what EVs are so I wont include them.

  1. BLISSEY♀ - Nickname: Sage - she's kind of a healer/annoyer
    enter image description here
    Trait - Natural Cure
    Nature - Calm
    Item - Leftovers
    Charge Beam or Psychic
    Heal Bell

  2. LUCARIO♂ - Nickname: Vervain - sweeper
    enter image description here
    Trait - Inner Focus
    Nature - Jolly
    Aura Sphere
    Dark Pulse
    Dragon Pulse
    Extreme Speed

  3. SLOWKING♂ - Nickname: Fennel - occupation unknown
    enter image description here
    Trait - Own Tempo
    Nature - Calm
    Nasty Plot
    Trick Room

  4. ABSOL♀ - Nickname: Absinthe - occupation unknown
    enter image description here
    Trait - Super Luck
    Nature - Adamant
    Sword Dance
    Psycho Cut
    Night Slash
    Hone Claws

  5. MASQUERAIN♀ - Nickname: Thyme - occupation unknown
    enter image description here
    Trait - Intimidate
    Nature - Timid
    Bug Buzz
    Quiver Dance
    Hydro Pump

And then onward to the 6th Pokémon. I'm not sure which Pokémon I should choose to fill in this spot, so I'll leave it to you. I want it to fit in.

I want it to be cool, yet fitting for this team. I ESPECIALLY dont want to replace my Blissey or Absol! I love those Pokémons!

Or atleast which type fits in?

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your starter is an excellent choice, but we don't want in-game teams.
Yeah, Im so sorry! I was about to edit it since I've been thinking I should battle a little with other people :]
here are some links about EVs:
And this can't be a UU team as blissey and lucario are OU, which is a higher tier
Are you sure you're not reading Gen V tiers? Even Espeon is in NU in Gen 4.
This is the best Team my mortal eyes has ever seen!
I have finished my rating.

And Erick, sarcasm, much?
Are one of you guys being sarcastic over my team being the best because of my username? e_e

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OK, my ratings aren't always the best, but I hope my humble opinion with help improve your team.


Excellent, excellent. My only suggestion is Seismic Toss for the attacking move(will do good, Substitute ruining damage at LV 100), but Charge Beam would work too.


Jolly Nature lowers Special Attack, so either change the Nature or the set. I suspect you may not want to switch your Lucario for another, so I'll give you a physical set, but if you are willing, exchange it for a Timid or Modest Nature Lucario.

Physical set:

Lucario @ Choice Band/Life Orb
Adamant Nature/Jolly Nature
Bullet Punch
Close Combat/Shadow Claw
Drain Punch
Blaze Kick

As you can see, I left a lot open for your personal preferences.


Nothing to add here except that you should consider Rest+Chesto Berry. Leftovers.


Go Swords Dance or Hone Claws, not both, as Absol has trouble setting up before being KO'd. Try this:

Absol @ Focus Sash
Adamant Nature
Swords Dance
Sucker Punch
Psycho Cut
Night Slash/Pursuit/Superpower

The last move is your choice, but personally I would go with Superpower. Pursuit can be great in the right situation, though. I think 1 Dark Type move is enough, so Night Slash is only a suggestion because of the Super Luck Ability.


Looking great, but use Air Slash instead of Fly(Special Move instead of Physical), and consider Roost. (I would just give it Air Slash and leave it at that.)
Expert Belt item.

I noticed a Fighting weakness. Last Pokemon should be..

Mismagius @ Choice Specs
Timid Nature/Modest Nature
Energy Ball
Shadow Ball
Hidden Power Fighting

Yeah, this set is basically from Smogon, but with Energy Ball. I'd go with Modest Nature.

Good luck, and don't forget to have fun!

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Thank you! :D Wow, the Mismagius one! Im so lucky, I have a Misdreavus of Modest nature and could just breed it to get a modest nature Misdreavus egg xD [I like starting from Lv.1] and Im tired of Gengar since I already have a highbie one :< my only problem is to find a Dusk stone... but thank you lots!
Also, Isn't psychic and flying strong against fighting? and I dont think ghost is super-effective against fighting... :/
I chose a Ghost Type because they are immune to Fighting Type moves. :)

Glad I could help, good luck with your team.
Oh well now I get it :] Mismagius is cewl too.