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Gender: Sorting pocket lint into color-coded piles. Male
Country: Sorting pocket lint into color-coded piles. Virginia, U.S.A.
Favorite Pokémon: BIDOOF!!! If you say you don't like bidoof… well… let's just say it's gonna be messy. Okay,im gonna say my top 15! #15: Whimsicott #14: Chandelure #13: Absol #12: Solosis #11: Cincinno #10: Glaceon #9: Eevee #8: Milotic #7: Escavalier #6: Vanniluxe #5: Munna #4: Clawitzer #3: Bouffalant #2: Furfrou #1: Bidoof
Friend Codes: Sorting pocket lint into color-coded piles.

1550 3053 9908 is my pokemon black code

2752 9889 4372 is my pokemon black 2 code

4227 1333 9365 is my 3ds code

Anyways, OPEN FOR BATTLES 24/7 (kinda)
About me: Kik: Cakehamster

10 things that i hate when people do online:
1. Say mean stuff about Bidoof
2. Call me Jellomaster
3. Be all cussy and rappery and cool stuff
4. Call my hair red/orange
5. Copy my words (i will eat ur head off)
6. Call me stupid. (stoopid is the right word)
7. Pretend to be the opposite gender
8. Mini-mod
9. Get mad at me for stuff that i didnt mean to do (etc. not finishing this list)

Check out my forehead!
I'm planting sheep!
I like opening empty cardboard boxes to see what's inside!
Don't forget the pinky!
Boof!  Snaffle!
Done as a dead doughnut!
Sorting pocket lint into color-coded piles.

Hello fellow humans!
Todd the piece of bread!
Squatting Frog no like!
Squoiting out woim moist toids on a toitle!
I am jeenyus.  Smarder than stoopid pepul!


About me... Well, i am a 13 year old human and i like pokemon, jello, hamsters, and cardboard boxes.  I like battling, and i am usually kinda hard to beat.  I don't visit pokebase as often as before, cause I usually am at http://punkermonzgigaplex.chatango.com

I had a great, huge, awesome profile. Then i decided to erase a bit of it, and i accidentally erased it all, including my friends list. D:
So... I make a best friends list:

---SilverLeafeon= My girlfriend <3
---Neon Snivy
---Fairy Arceus= My first friend on this site!
---Adam.= On wall of http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/pancake/wall :3
---[InsertUsernameHere]= I saw this user on Indigo's friend list.  I havent met them yet, though
---Doctor Chu


Eyes - Blue
Hair - Dirty blonde
Number of eyes - 2
Number of hairs - 96672

Stuff I like: Cake, Hamsters, Pokémon, Jello, Nice people, Random hugs, Pie, Caramelldansen, Citronella, Pigs, Dogs, Weird words, Bidoof, Drawing, Comics, Making websites... MAKING TOP 10 (or more) LISTS.

Why I think there is no R/S/E remakes:  In Ruby and Sapphire and all main series games after that, it is possible to transfer pokemon to the next game.  That wasn't possible in generations 1 and 2, so they added FR/LG and HG/SS to make it so the pokemon from kanto/johto weren't trapped in one game.  A remake was unneeded for generation 3 games, since pokemon from those games can be sent to Sinnoh.
Oh wait... they decided to make remakes.  Crap.

One time I found a turtle and I wanted it to look like a Shuckle, so I went to my grandparents' garage and got some spraypaint.  I started to spraypaint it yellow, but it was too fast for me.  It scattered away and I missed it and spraypainted my shoes instead.  Them i got angry and sprayed its face until it hid in it's shell.  The end!

Top 20 kirby music:
1.Red Canyon (KDL2) 2.Heavy Lobster (KSSU) 3.Halberd (SSBB) 4.Masked Dedede (KSSU) 5.Zero (KDL3) 6.Kabula (KSSU) 7.Zero 2 (SSBB) 8.Fountain of Dreams (KNID) 9.Bubbly Clouds (KSSU) 10.Daroach (KSQ) 11.Grass Land (KDL2) 12.Castle Lololo (KTD) 13.Boss (KAM) 14.Boss (K64) 15.Miracle Matter (K64) 16.Boss (KDL3) 17.Galacta Knight (KRTD) 18.Dark Mind (KAM) 19.Helper to Hero Rest Point (KSSU) 20.Boss (KSSU)
I remade this list and switched a few things, but I'm too lazy to retype it.

Top 10 things to do with a cardboard box:
(i dont have list with me atm)

Don't ask V
 Preepar for trubble!
Maik it dubel!
Too pretekt the wurld frum devashtashun!
To younite all peepull withen aur nashun!
To denowns the evilz of trooth and luv!
To extined ar reech to thee stars aybuve!
Jeenyus again!
Team Jeenyus blats of at the spead of lite!
Sirendur now ore prepair to fite!
Thatz rite!

I have shinies!: ivysaur, golem, koffing, dustox, joltik, braivary, garchomp, suicune, porygon-z, cincinno, steelix, keckleon, bidoof, eevee
Traded some, got some, too lazy to update.

Name changes: Jellohamster --> Cakehamster --> Jellohamster

Kirby accomplishments:
Beating Kirby's Dream Land
Beating Kirby's Adventure
---Beating Nightmare (both forms) without damage
Beating Kirby's Dream Land 2
Beating Kirby Super Star
---Beating Arena only using 1 Maxim Tomato
---Beating Marx without damage
---Beating Spring Breeze without damage
Beating Kirby's Dream Land 3
---Beating Dark Matter and Zero
Beating Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Beating Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland
---100% completion
Beating Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
---100% completion
---Beat Arena only using 1 Maxim Tomato
Beating Kirby Squeak Squad
---100% completion
Beating Kirby Triple Deluxe
---100% completion
---Beating True Arena without using the Maxim Tomato and 2 regular tomatoes. (I only used 2 regular tomatoes in the entire run)

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Aug 11 by RedtheLEGEND
You're gravatar is soooooooo cool!
Aug 10 by EeveeLotion :3
Sup, Jellohamster! I'm Ehesister! Nice to meet you! Just wanted to introduce myself. Feel free to see/visit my profile. Enjoy! ;)
Jul 26 by ehesister
do you miss eevee? where has he gone?
Jul 11 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
The rules:
> All pokemon are allowed (other than legendaries with base stats above 600)
> You have to have not more than 2 pokemon from each tier
> All Mega Evolutions are allowed (other than Mewtwo and Lati@s)
> There will be a sleep clause

So yeah, this thing is as free style as open air. Those handful of Ubers that are not allowed will make the tier unbalanced, so they are banned.
Jul 10 by Qwerty Zoom
Come back more often :(
Jul 9 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
You haven't answered a question since April 24.
Yeah, like you were ever the 'fastest point gainer'. :P
Jun 26 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Yeah, but Penny has the most beautiful voice!
Jun 13 by hotcakes
Used napkin is my friend.
Jun 13 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
We can be triplets with Jaja? :D
But we are identical amd youre not. HAHAHAHAHAAAAA :3
Jun 7 by !'•-Indigo-•'!