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User Kronos

Member for: 2 years (since Dec 15, 2012)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Boy
Country: The land of the land of the land.
Favorite Pokémon: Kyureum and Typlosion. Dialga(get it?)Aegislash, and Zygarde and Draglage.
Friend Codes: Sup guys, I'm back :D

I'll be slightly inactive due to random probs
About me: The scythe in Ancient Greek was the symbol on Kronos, the Titan of Time.
My showdown username is Cronous, battle me when i am on chat.

Best Score Ever:
21 wins- 5 losses (Shows you how bad I am XD)

1longest battle: Random Guy 99 turns
2Longest Battle: Keldeo Infusion 67 turns
3nd Longest battle: Slip 52 turns

OU sucks 0/10
Ubers Sak 2/10
UU is gud 8/10
Ru is awe  10/10
NU is poo 5/10
PU IS . 6/10
LC IS . 8/10

Activity by Kronos

Score: 26 points (ranked #315)
Questions: 15 (8 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 4
Comments: 161
Voted on: 33 questions, 8 answers
Gave out: 41 up votes, 0 down votes
Received: 6 up votes, 7 down votes

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Of course lol.
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Sep 15 by Sempiternus
Yeah, seeing as I am no longer teaching I'm giving you an honorary graduation ;P
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Sep 13 by Kronos
Sep 13 by It's a secret!
Sep 13 by Poke'slash
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