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Gender: I'm some guy who doesn't label myself often.
Country: Colorado, USA. Home of the aroma and mountains. The time is MST, which is also UTC -7.
Favorite Pokémon: Slowbro, Roserade, Zoroark, Mismagius, Manaphy, Starmie, Metagross, Mega Venusaur, Gengar, Politoed, Crawdaunt, Zapdos, Greninja, Goodra, Mega Aggron, and probably a bunch I'm forgetting.
Friend Codes: I don't do trading, but you can find me on the DB PS! server over here: http://pokemondatabase.psim.us/

Oh yeah, I'm also sort of running that place alongside Scizornician, Hex, and Pokemaster.

My Xbox Gamertag is NindzyaStarz7. If you want to add me, send me a quick message along with it. I don't play much online, due to my system being hacked to play PS3, and I'm not a multiplayer guy. I will definitely be available for Titanfall.
About me: As an abusive jerk who rules over others, my avatar is my throne.

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Lol yeah
2 days ago by Akely
Yo Ninja. I need to talk to next time we get a chance (if Sciz has already talked to you about "it" by the time I see you then nvm (you'll know what "it" is if you were told)). Thanks
2 days ago by Stay_Silent
I can´t hack things but chocolate cookies
5 days ago by Akely
My article on hax. I thought you'd might like to read it. :D
Apr 6 by trachy
Oh nice, you have a similar music taste to mine.
Mar 21 by Majora
A month or so. It depends.
Mar 21 by Nindzya
When are you going to pass me in Meta? I've been waiting since forever to be the same rank in all parts of the site again, so hurry up a bit. :P
Mar 21 by trachy
This is going to go until 3/25, since 3/24 is my birthday.

Favorite music genre is Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Heavy Metal / Dubstep.

Favorite song is Highway to Hell by ACDC.
Mar 21 by Nindzya
A bit late to this but still, what's your favorite music genre and song?
Mar 21 by Majora
Will Nintendo ever release a cool 3DS XL design in America?
Mar 21 by Hotcakes