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Member for: 2 years (since Dec 30, 2011)
Type: Registered user
Gender: male at 14 YO
Country: United States
Favorite Pokémon: Totodile Family (Specifically Totodile) and Water Types in general. Except Lombre, because Lombre sucks to me. Croagunk and Torkoal as well. (All of them for designs)
Friend Codes: I refuse to give out my 3ds FC to anyone.
About me: I've been studying glitches for a while now, but I haven't encountered one on my own yet, so i'm not very experienced. But I will keep trying.

I KNOW IT'S SPELLED Professor not Proffessor but I prefer 2 F's, makes me stand out. (Although I am an excellent speller)

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Vaporeon is definitely up there, my favorite goes to... the Totodile family (Totodile to be specific) I just love the design, it also being  my first pokemon that I ever had (HeartGold)
Dec 1 by Proffessor Epic
If you love all water types..
Then you must love Vaporeon, am I right?!
Coz Vaporeon is my fave Pokemon XD
Nov 30 by LeafeonLol
Nov 30 by LeafeonLol
Yeah Right. LOL
Aug 10 by Proffessor Epic
I thought you were a college professor. LOL
Jan 1 by sheepman1306