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Gender: Look at my mane and tell me
Country: 'Murca
Favorite Pokémon: Metagross, Empoleon, Lucario, Arcanine, Keldeo, Bisharp, Metagross
Friend Codes: 3DS: 5455-9502-3325
Poison friend safari with Swalot, Muk, and Venomoth
About me: My Birthday is June 11th :D

I was previously Pikascrewed, for those of you who knew me ;)
Pikascrewed ---> #MajesticArcanine

Lupus: Extremely nice, all-around great friend. A thousand apologies to her.
Christen Vulpine: Fox lover. Great artist, too!
Racotaco: great battler, really nice, helped me out alot.
KingJordan: Really nice, great battler, also helped me out alot
Lonarix1: ditto above
Icy_Black_Kyurem: ditto above
Terri: Awesome Battler, and an even more awesome friend!

-------♥♥------PUT THIS
---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR
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---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU
~~~~~Favorite Type: Steel ~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~Favorite pokemon of each type~~~~~
Normal: Cinccino (Fluffy)
Grass: Celebi
Fire: Arcanine/Ninetales (I honestly can't chose.)
Water: Keldeo
Flying: Dragonite
Electric: Jolteon
Fighting: Lucario
Ground: Mamoswine
Rock: Aggron
Poison: Toxicroak
Bug: Volcarona
Ice: Cloyster
Steel: Metagross/Empoeon (Can't Decide)
Psychic: Meowstic (M & F)
Dark: Weavile
Ghost: Chandelure
Dragon: Goodra
Fairy: Togekiss

~~~~~Other Categories~~~~~
Version Mascot: Lugia
Legendary Birds: Zapdos
Mew Duo: Mew
Legendary Beasts: Suicune
Tower Duo: Lugia
Legendary Golems: Registeel
Eon Duo: Latias
Weather Trio: Kyogre
Lake Guardians: Uxie
Creation Trio: Giratina
Lunar Duo: Cresselia
Swords of Justice: Keldeo
Forces of Nature: Thundurus
Tao Trio: Zekrom
Mortality Duo: Xerneas

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Aug 3 by Christen Vulpine
Jul 30 by Afroakie o(^-^)o
Yo when are you gonna be unbanned, we miss you!(no homo)
Jul 23 by Shy Guy of Justice
It's my fault you got banned,  I'm so sorry.....
Jul 15 by Lupus-Chan
You got banned :( plz add me atleast if you cant come back on the chat
Jul 15 by Shy Guy of Justice
So I herd you got banned
Jul 14 by The Trapinchinator
Im sorry I got you kicked or banned
Jul 13 by Christen Vulpine
why thank you
Jun 30 by #MajesticArcanine
So majestic 0.0
Jun 29 by Christen Vulpine
Jun 12 by Lupus-Chan