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Gender: Male. But when I grow up, I wanna be a potato, a, a King Edward!
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About me: Played Pokemon since Blue, loved all of them. Like to think I am not a noob...

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Haven't watched any of the episodes, will start after school finishes up this week. But apparently Stannis is killed by Brienne? Which seems weird, since that wouldn't be happening in the books since she's currently off being blackmailed by Catherine Stark. So how is he going to die in the books? Will he just have it so that Bolton actually did end up killing him, rather than what we all have been expecting which is him having lied about that?
Jun 15 by trachy

Check this out. Lavender Town 2.0?
Jun 11 by Mechanism L
That's always been my biggest worry. Martin is under a lot of pressure to write faster in order to get his books ready in time for the show. While that is somewhat a good thing (we won't have some 10 year gap in between books like we did last time) it could see a decline in the quality of his writing. This guy isn't Stephen King, he's not built to write a 1000 page book in a single year.
May 22 by trachy
Oh, so if you aren't all caught up, that means you probably don't know the big thing people are in an uproar over. Some are in an uproar for your standard Game of Thrones "you can castrate the men and flay them, but have a woman go through nonconsensual relations and we'll rabble rabble rabble over it" bs. And some for the legit reason that the change makes absolutely no goddamn bloody sense.

I've accepted a lack of Nymeria and no reborn Catherine Stark. Too many changes though, and they'll start to lose me. Which will be a shame, since I was hoping Game of Thrones would be one of those very few shows that I saw through till the end that remained perfect . :/
May 21 by trachy
I haven't watched any of this season of GoT yet. However, I have heard that there are some pretty major changes to the books, and not really for the better. How badly are they screwing things up?
May 21 by trachy
Congrats on 10,000 and I like your grav :)
May 20 by Almighty Derpados
Now that you explained, I understand! Okay so I'ma stay off until (and if) I can come back on. But can you tell me when (and if)? Highly unlikely bc jojo is v strict with meh
May 20 by Weedle Everyday
Sweden is indeed the land of cheap furniture and moose.

Farval, and

May 8 by ~Infinity