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Gender: Male. But when I grow up, I wanna be a potato, a, a King Edward!
Country: Svea Rike
Favorite Pokémon: Swampert, Charizard, Breloom, Scizor, Cubone, Bibarel, Electivire, Grovyle, Lucario, Magnemite in Ubers, Clamperl in Doubles, Galvantula, HP Fire Latios, Unerve Tyranitar, Dusclops, Heliolisk, Carbink, Miltank
Friend Codes: 0433 6451 6705 in Gen 5
3823 8704 3724 for Gen 6. If you want to trade/battle, tell me first and unless I know you really well, GameChat will be off.
Pokemon Showdown username: Flafpert, FlaaffySwampert, Mace Swinger and Tester4444 (I use these names when testing teams on the main server)
About me: Played Pokemon since Blue, loved all of them. Like to think I am not a noob...

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The Trinity of Terror: Cresselia, Venomoth and Munchlax.

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The Steam Workshop for Skyrim is now doing paid mods. Mods. You know, the things that have been free since the inception of gaming. This leads to some ludicrous stuff like people taking mods that other people made, slapping them up on the Workshop, and then profiting on them. The most egregious problem though has to do with Steam's notoriously awful customer service. Mods are even less of a safe buy than a normal video game. A person could just stop support for a mod, or Bethesda could patch the game and cause the mod to no longer work. And with Valve only offering a 24 hour refund policy, you can easily be spending money on nothing.

This whole thing feels like a cash grab by Valve and Bethesda. The mod creators only get a 25% cut, while Valve gets 30% and Bethesda 45%.

This could easily kill the modding scene, or at least damage it to a huge degree. Valve always does things with little planning, and it always ends up leading to huge problems. We've seen this in the past with Greenlight, with tags, and with them just deciding to let all sorts of crap onto the storefront.
2 days ago by trachy
I watch the episodes two days after they come out.
Apr 14 by trachy
Who did you vote for? I voted for Skull Kid even if he is an assist trophy.
Apr 12 by Jofly
/brush smooth 5
/brush sphere stone 5
/brush sphere air 5
/brush sphere grass 5
/brush cylinder grass 5
/brush cylinder air 5
/brush cylinder grass 5 2
Mar 16 by Flafpert
Thanks Flaf :D
Mar 16 by Astronautical
Thanks :)
Mar 11 by Silverdragon :D
/fill ~10 ~55 ~10 ~-15 ~ ~-10 minecraft:air
/fill ~ ~-1 ~ ~-1 ~ ~-1 minecraft:air
       /fill ~2 ~2 ~-2 ~-2 ~1 ~2 minecraft:air 0 replace stone
       /fill ~100 ~-1 ~100 ~-100 ~-1 ~-50 minecraft:air 0 replace snow_layer
      /fill ~2 ~10 ~-2 ~-2 ~-10 ~2 minecraft:farmland 7 replace grass
    /fill ~115 ~-1 ~-25 ~-115 ~-1 ~115 minecraft:ice 7 replace water
  Woodcutting 1
  /fill ~20 ~ ~-20 ~-20 ~10 ~20 minecraft:air 0 replace log
Woodcutting 2
 /fill ~115 ~-1 ~-25 ~-115 ~-1 ~115 minecraft:air 0 replace log
/fill ~2 ~-1 ~2 ~-2 ~-1 ~-2 sponge 0 replace stone 6
/fill ~40 ~-1 ~40 ~-40 ~-1 ~-40  grass 7 replace stone
/fill ~10 ~55 ~10 ~-15 ~ ~-10 minecraft:air
Mar 6 by Flafpert