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Member for: 4 years (since Sep 7, 2011)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Male
Country: California
Favorite Pokémon: Mewtwo, Typhlosion, Charizard, Feraligatr, Greninja, Pikachu, Dragonte, Gogoat, Staraptor,, Hydreigon, Samurott., Blastoise, Venusaur, Sylveon, Zoroark, Haxorus, Gourgiest, Hawlucha, Yveltal, Hoopa, Diggersby
Friend Codes: PKMN Y:  0018-0940-3707
About me: Hey guys.. I LOVE to Multi Battle or just any kind of battle so feel free to invite me to something! Im also a shiny hunter, my most recent shiny was a Pumpkaboo.  I have both X and Y (Also have Platinum, White 2, and HeartGold.
 Friend List
 The_Jordan: Cool, nice, and a good at battles!
 Dragoon: Helpful and cool too!
 Sqwidshot: We make a good team!
RoflSwag: Its fun to battle with you!
GreenBeast: THANK YOU for the shiny Hawlucha!
da_pikachu_master: Nice and funny
Volcarona_Man: Good at battles
MysteryGift: Your really nice and VERY helpful
Yveltal99:   Your the best!
  Im a breeder! If you request I can hatch you  a 5IV HA Pokemon
Heres most of my shinies on Y:    Excadrill,  Noibat,  Pancham,  ,  Aegislash,  Gyarados,  Dunsparce,  Delphox ,  Charizard,  Voltorb,  Dragonite,  Drudriggon,  Glisor ,Armaldo, Magmortar, Wobuffet, Weavile, Lickylicky, Probopass, Emboar, Mismagius, MEWTWO,  Ludicollo,  Empoleon, Torterra, EEVEE, Rampardos, Umbreon, Shuckle, Espeon, Aggron, Hydreigon, Mediham, Wailord, Walrien, Flygon, Bastidon, Gastrodon, Palkia, Dialga, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Salamence, Metagross, Roserade, Groudon, Suicune, Raikok, Entie, Rayquaza, Heatran, Giritina, Tangrowth, Lopunny, Lucario, Staraptor, Gallade, MANAPHY, Blastoise, Mothim, Bronzong, Roserade, Banette, Tyrantrum, Aerodactly, Krookodile,  Garbodor,  Carracosta,  Registeel, Golurk,  Vanniluxe, Beehym,  Accelgor, Escaveiler,  Allomalola,   Wobufett,   Ferroseed,   Dodou,   Jelicent,   Gastrodon,  and Mew.... LOOKING FOR:  SHINY Fletchling/  evos or  Trevenant.

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It's Ehesister, sup
Jun 27, 2014 by Crystal Glaceon
You need to come back
May 31, 2014 by Mosmero
E] E] E] E] E] E]
May 10, 2014 by [Dark Star] Greninja
"Aerodactly" lol
Apr 9, 2014 by Mosmero
Actually I was just saying hi, and I copied your Staraptor, so you better watch out (⊙ω⊙)
Mar 29, 2014 by Mosmero
I'm ready for our next battle soon
Mar 7, 2014 by Mosmero
Feb 18, 2014 by Mosmero
Trade with me plz I need regigigas
Feb 9, 2014 by MegaArceus