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I'm just going ahead and posting this here. Please stop asking PM to battle! He will NOT battle. He is far too busy, and doesn't really even battle his friends any more. random users will not be the exception to his non-battle streak.
1 day ago by Graveyard Shift
yo there's been some news since mega audino
mega slowbro
and steelbook editions and figurines
and pokken tournament
4 days ago by Mega Evolution Guru
Hey almighty. Can we battle?
5 days ago by demat
For lopunny please add that lopunny also gets high jump kick please
Aug 12 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
Hello Almighty god of the universe. May we please battle? Tell me if I am worthy to be in your presence tomorrow!
Aug 5 by demat
Hey pokemaster! :D i was wondering if we can battle?
Aug 4 by Arcazeus
Update the home page in which pokeball vivillon was released in Germany please :)
Jul 31 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
Hey Pokemaster Whats The Thing About "Comments Needing To Be Approved ? Post on My Wall To Reply
Jul 31 by Ssj Magikarp
↓ lol xD
Jul 26 by Sir Dan
The user v creation also said other swear words as well
Jul 25 by Carebears123