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Received 1 Downvote? Who Downvoted Pokemaster?
2 days ago by Bug Catcher Burn
Hey pokemaster can you please change my username to Lucky 2000(my original username) please? It's so I can see my recent activity page and stuff. Thanks!
2 days ago by #Mega Pinsir
Thanks for bringing it back online, i've been itchy to get my pokemon trained and i use this site ALOT!
5 days ago by Haribos_01
Hey Pokemaster why does my Recent Activity page, All Questions page, and All Answers page say "Page Not Found" when I click them? Also, when it says "Page Not Found", if I click something else it says something weird, but only when I press back, it doesn't say the weird thing anymore. But here's the weird thing, when I see other users' Recent Activity page, etc., the pages are like what they are supposed to be like usual. If you can find out what is wrong with my Recent Activity page, etc., then fix it, that will be a huge thanks! Thanks!
Apr 8 by #Mega Pinsir I believe in the fossil
Apr 8 by #Mega Pinsir
Pokemaster,Gligurr said on Showdown that if I didn't battle her she'd ban me and hack me somehow.
Please help.
Apr 6 by Masked Torterra
OK so I was thinking(me thinking, wow) any who you know how users can post on walls, well I was thinking about how those annoying ones  keep like saying hi even though seeing them right there is just blah, and you can keep deleting those well what if there was an option to not let them post on you're wall at all like you can just not have to see them ever again on your wall?
Mar 28 by PotatigerSharkofDoom
When we gonna battle in X Y?
Mar 25 by Akely
Hey Pokemaster, why does my question and answer page say "Page not found" when I click it?
Mar 25 by #Mega Pinsir
Hi I've got a question. I've just had my Answer flagged twice and been down voted aswel on this question I gave out… I truly believe it was an honest and reliable+useful answer and no doubtibly one of your moderators are going to delete/hide it some time….

It's this site.

Also what is with half the moderators saying in ''chat room'' CAPS are aloud, but not in every sentence, oh but 4x paragraphs down are fine''. As quoted..
Mar 19 by Haribos_01