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Wall for Pokemaster

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Can you please remove my votes? I don't wanna get banned :(
18 hours ago by The Trapinchinator
Why would people downvote you?
4 days ago by Mr Gamaken
Who downvoted? And Pokemaster, this is a minor bug but the timing in chat is wrong.
here's an example:
trachy 4 hours ago: What's up guys?
It's a secret! 3 hours ago: nothing much
Pokemaster 6 hours ago: Whats up?
This is just an example. Just thought I'd tell you :)
5 days ago by It's a secret!
Pokemaster, what's with the chat? It keeps bugging
6 days ago by Chillninja
Why downvotes?
Sep 12 by Mr Gamaken
can you delete my account please thank you.
Sep 9 by Zum
my brother sid13's account was blocked for some reason - why
Sep 6 by [Dark Star] Greninja
Hey, PM. Since name changes are open, could you make that name I asked for available seeing as it's inactive?
Sep 5 by JackZero