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Wall for Tysonyoshi

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I'm ready when you're ready. Try not to make me battle at 2am in the morning tho. o3o
Sep 3 by Sempiternus
We seriously need to battle now, come on the server as soon as you can otherwise one of us will be randomly disqualified.
Aug 31 by The Noby
I should probably battle you at some point. I'll be available this afternoon. My timezone is GMT, so if you could work out when that would be for you, then we could battle then.
Aug 29 by The Noby
Good to know I'm not the only one who watches ShadyPenguinn :3
Jun 2 by Fated Fathom ♠
Aww, thanks! ;3
May 26 by Tysonyoshi
you seem to be a nice person with good battle experience
May 24 by Natsu
Congrats on 1000! Now try to catch up to me, mwahahaha
May 5 by The Trapinchinator
Almost to 1000!
Apr 30 by The Trapinchinator
Welcome back
Mar 30 by Natsu
many downvotes
Mar 21 by Natsu