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Member for: 2 years (since Apr 22, 2012)
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Gender: Boy
Country: Pakistan
Favorite Pokémon: Mienshao, Victini, Munchlax, Beautifly, Mighyena, Rotom
Friend Codes: Black 2: 2753 4747 1626

My Friends List:

JirachiCelebiMew: To me it doesn't matter that you are banned from being a gender and are exiled. You'll always be that nice, funny dude who I loved to talk to on chat. This will never change.

Gligurr: SOOO sorry I forgot to put you here buddy. Anyway used to be like a role model but now you're yeah and I'm like lol okay so yeah.

Rio: That awkward first time we met xD. Anyway since then we've become very good friends and shared many a conversation. I wish you'd update your site more, and that you would come on chat more often. Never see you around.

DarkTyphlosion: Not trying to suck up to the mods, you're seriously a cool, funny guy who showed me the cutest scarf I have ever seen! You're an awesome dude, hope you stick around the site longer.

ReadyAimFire: My God the times we've spent together!! Can't even recall all of them, there are too many! You, me and Flare are the power trio!

Meow(something)Meow(something)Mewtwo: Best time ever with you with all the hugs and whatnot :P

MrKijani: You are hilarious!! I love talking to you on chat and hearing you say funny things.

Lust for Glory: Don't know your current name but I miss seeing you on chat. Same with Oncoming$torm.

Oncoming$torm: I miss talking to you, we had some nice convos. And then our convos with Leboss!

Indigo: Cool, funny and smart. Love talking to you.
About me: Name's Ayan. My birthday is October 24th. And...well, most people know me well. I reign supreme as I have the highest points out of any Registered User...on Meta. I'm a very cheerful person, unless you're a good friend in which case we will have many deep, political and possibly disturbing conversations. I try not to make things awkward and basically everything is about food in my eyes, because I love food.

Oh yeah, and Twinkle is my true love, and you must ship VV x Food, and Ninja x Hate and Rio x Depressing everyone by leaving.

Pokemon Y records:

Starter: Fennekin
First Evolved: Fennekin --> Braixen
Second evolved: Flabebe --> Floette
Third evolved: Bunnelby --> Diggersby
First Pokemon caught: Pikachu
Second Pokemon caught: Bunnelby
Third Pokemon caught: Flabebe
First Kalos Pokemon caught: Bunnelby
Second Kalos Pokemon caught: Flabebe
Third Kalos Pokemon caught: Amaura (Through Fossil, actually)
First Pokemon Traded: Pikachu
Second Pokemon Traded: Braixen (I got my brother's Quilladin in return. It's for the Pokedex, so we traded back)
Third Pokemon Traded: Bagon
Team type: ALL Kalos Pokemon, except for Mewtwo.
Team (so far): Greninja, Delphox, Florges, Meowstic, Yveltal, Mewtwo

Official Team: Mienshao, Haxorus, Hydregion, Durant, Jirachi and Rayquaza

If you're wondering why I change my name so much, well...I don't know. I can't stick with one thing for too long, I guess. That being said, check out the list.

My username changes:

Munchlax Forever =>

=> Victini Victory =>

=> MagikarpShouldBeUber =>

=> Beautifly Blade =>

=> Victini Victory =>

=> Raised By Wolves =>

=> ElectricShockRotom =>

=> Page374 =>

=> ElectricShockRotom =>

=> Ayan =>

=> Ayan (idle) =>

=> ElectricShockRotom =>

=> Ayan =>

=> KICKBOT' =>

=> Ayan =>

=> Victini Victory

Somehow, I always find myself coming back to that one name.

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Questions: 153 (152 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 111 (61 chosen as best)
Comments: 508
Voted on: 72 questions, 231 answers
Gave out: 253 up votes, 50 down votes
Received: 278 up votes, 33 down votes

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Congratulations on that Question! Let's see how long until it's answered
3 days ago by Legend Of Lotad
Nah mate, not good enough. Seriously though, I'd really rather not, if it's all the same :/.
6 days ago by ReadyAimFire

I don't wanna o3o
Oct 13 by ReadyAimFire
Yeah, but I'm not telling you who o3o
Oct 12 by ReadyAimFire
I don't actually believe in fate or destiny, I personally think it's bs. But i guess it's the best way of describing the situation :P. And only once, really. Like I said, I never really hit on guys. There are some guys that I'm kinda sad that their straight though xD.

And I'm not even going to comment on that joke -.-;
Oct 10 by ReadyAimFire
Enough with these unanswerable questions - .-
Oct 10 by It's a secret!
Huh? I've had girlfriends before, just not now. I don't go out looking for relationships, I kinda just happen across them, I don't really care about the gender of the person I 'happen' with them.

Also, Yeah, my brain was fried yesterday, I'm not doing so well mentally. I'll change it to the 9th.
Oct 8 by ReadyAimFire
Also, I don't actually know what 'problem' you were refferrign too xD
Oct 7 by ReadyAimFire
I wish it stopped my depression xD.

Also, I'm British, remeber? You guys right dates like the Americans do. 30/7/14 is the 30th day of the 7th month, 2014. It's correct :P.
Oct 7 by ReadyAimFire
No, it has 70 altogether, so all 3 series added up :/
Oct 7 by ReadyAimFire