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If I battle a Poke'mon that has Pokérus, I defeat it, and it gives me Pokérus, will I get double EVs from that Pokémon?

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What I mean is, would the effects of Pokérus happen immediately, and I would get double EVs from the Pokémon I got the Pokérus from?

asked Nov 17, 2012 by Poke'slash

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No. pokerus takes effect immmediately as the battle ends.

I sincerely apologize 4 not including my source!

answered Nov 18, 2012 by zetazord210
selected Nov 21, 2012 by Poke'slash
Yes, and if you say, 'I tried it', give proof.
No BA until source is given, sorry.
Got the source!
forgot 2 put it up!
Thank you.