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What are the chances of finding a shiny Unown?

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I got a used game of HG and the person before me's profile had all the kinds of Unowns in a box. But they were all shiny. Is it possibe to get a shiny Unown, in the wild? If so, how did this person get all the Unowns shiny?! The time he played wasn't very much. Also, he had a bunch of ledgendarys and everything, but besides the Unown there were just a shiny Pidgey, normal Farfetch'd and a normal Hoppip. Isn't that weird?

asked Nov 25, 2012 by scarydragon
Well, I've found a shiny Pidgey in SS within the first five minutes of playing. Fat lotta good a bunch of legendaries do for you at the beginning of the game, since you need to have the right badges in order to control them.
Well, I accidentally found a shiny Wurrmple  while  looking for a Ralts in Sapphire. Now I have a shiny Beautifly which is really pretty.

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Still the standard 1/8192. It's possible to get Shiny Unown.
He hacked, obviously. Or traded, which is unlikely.

answered Nov 25, 2012 by Mewderator
selected Nov 25, 2012 by scarydragon
I've been playing since the original red/blue (about 15 years in all for me), I've seen 5 shinies! This game of yours specifically has all 26 unown cought shiny in a very short time. It's not impossible, but yeah...