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Is there any way to get a Light Ball in BW/BW2?

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Without hacking.

asked Nov 30, 2012 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>

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You would need to have it traded from a B/W that has it. To get it for B/W:

Held by Singing Pikachu, Pikachu Festival Pikachu, Pika Pika Carnival Pikachu, Japan Expo Pikachu, Pokémon Day Pikachu (Italian, German), Summer Carnival Pikachu, World Championships 2012 Pikachu (event)

These were all Events that passed; you need to trade if you didn't participate.


answered Nov 30, 2012 by Mewderator
selected Dec 16, 2012 by Mewderator
Sheesh, didn't realize Light Balls were so rare . . :P
They're not if Pikachu can be found. Light Balls are VERY rare in Gen V.