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Whats happening whit my hypno?

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every time I use rest whit my hypno , they say his state is awake , so it doesn't work.
why? and how can I change it thet it will work, please help me he's my special psychic pkmn , I need him for my team,
btw I learn rest via tm

asked Dec 25, 2012 by FAST DRIVER

3 Answers

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Your Hypno wont fall asleep because it has the Insomnia Ability which prevents it from falling asleep. The only way to fix this is to catch a new Hypno with the Forewarn Ability.

answered Dec 25, 2012 by Aura Warrior
selected Dec 25, 2012 by FAST DRIVER
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Your Hypno's ability is Insomnia.
This ability prevents sleep.
To use Rest get a Hypno with Forewarn.

Source: This and Experiance.

answered Dec 25, 2012 by Flare
No worries, happy to help :)
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Your hypno's ability is insomnia which does not allow it to sleep. If you wish to learn rest you will have to catch one with forewarn

answered Dec 25, 2012 by Generekt