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Where is the spot to change Keldeo's form in BW2?

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It's in iccirus city or something right?? A picture or walkthrough would be nice.

asked Dec 29, 2012 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ

3 Answers

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Watch this Youtube Walkthrough.

You have to go through a narrow path just beside Alder's house above Floccesy Town, there will be a small gap there. It is visible. Then follow that path until you reach a Dead-End, there will be a mountain there. Then you will get to interact with Keldeo and it will change forme.

Source: Experience.

answered Dec 29, 2012 by Flare
selected Dec 29, 2012 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
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Go to Pledge Grove.It is behind Alder's house in Floccesy town.

this will help you

answered Dec 29, 2012 by MK 42
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That's a good question. You see, I dont have a Keldeo, but I do know this by experience, because i've seen it with my own two eyes. At Floccesy Town, you'll find Alder's house. Then as you walk close to it, you'll find a narrow gap that leads behind the house. You walk into the gap. Then you'll keep on going forward, until you can go no further. You'll see a strange symbol on a rock. You talk to the rock, if you get what i'm saying, or you just trigger an event just by being there. Keldeo will pop out of the ball, and it'll transform into Resolute Form, which, if you want my opinion, Keldeo looks way better in, and possibly learn the move Secret Sword. Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion will maybe appear, and teach Keldeo that move. As I said, I dont have a Keldeo, but I did find the rock before. To answer your question, the Plegde Grove, or rock, isn't in Iccuris City. I'm sorry I dont have a picture or walkthrough, but I do have some information about this subject. Hope this helps!!~

answered Dec 29, 2012 by c12125
edited Dec 29, 2012 by c12125