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What stat raising moves raise at least 2 stats at once?

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Like calm mind which boosts 2 stats and swords dance which raises attack twice

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Boost Multiple Stats

Bulk Up- Attack+Defense
Work Up-Attack+Special Attack
Growth-Attack+Special Attack
Dragon Dance-Attack+Speed
Shift Gear-Attack+Speed
Hone Claws-Attack+Accuracy
Shell Smash-Attack+Speed+Special Attack
Ancientpower-All Base Stats
Ominous Wind-All Base Stats
Silver Wind-All Base Stats
Cosmic Power-Defense+Special Defense
Defend Order-Defense+Special Defense
Stockpile-Defense+Special Defense
Calm Mind-Special Attack+Special Defense
Quiver Dance-Special Atack+Special Defense+Speed

Boost a single Stat twice

Acupressure-A random stat
Belly Drum-Attack
Swords Dance-Attack
Belly Drum-Attack
Swagger(only the Pokemon this is used on will get the +2 Attack)
Acid Armor-Defense
Iron Defense-Defense
Cotton Guard-Defense
Nasty Plot-Special Attack
Tail Glow-Special Attack
Amnesia-Special Defense
Rock Polish-Speed


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Can you tell which stats the moves raise pleez
Sure its no big deal
there you go
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Well, here ya go...
Raises at least 2 stats:

Status Moves:
Cosmic Power
Bulk Up
Calm Mind
Quiver Dance
Dragon Dance
Work Up
Hone Claws
Curse (for non Ghost types)
Defend Order
Shell Smash
Shift Gear

Attacking Moves:
Ominous Wind
Silver Wind

Raise a Stat by at least two or more stages:
Status moves:
Acid Armor
Belly Drum (at the cost of HP)
Cotton Guard
Iron Defense
Nasty Plot
Rock Polish
Swords Dance
Tail Glow

Attacking Moves:
No Moves raise a stat by 2 stages, unless a Pokemon has Contrary + Leaf Storm/SuperPower/Draco Meteor/V-Create/any move I might have forgotten :3

Source: Pokemon DB Moves Page

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Bulk up= attack+defense
Acupressure= 2up in any stat
Ancient Power= 1up in every stat
Belly Drum= 6up in attack
Work Up= attack+spaecial attack

More are here:
(Between bottom and middle)

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