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Is there any Pokemon type that is super effective against Spiritomb or Sableye?

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If not what is the cons of these Pokemon?Low stats?Low move pool?Anything that would make them not as good as the other Pokemon?

asked Jan 9, 2013 by legenduser123
edited Jan 9, 2013 by Pokemaster

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Nope, there is nothing. Though, you could use Foresight / Odor Sleuth and hit them with a Fighting-Move. And their cons are: Spiritomb has awful Speed and HP, and lies in RarelyUsed. Sableye is actually quite good, with Prankster. He's awesome for stalling, and decimating Physical Attackers with Will-O-Wisp. Although, his Stats are very low, despite being in UU. (Only there because of Prankster, really). His stats are lower than most NU Pokemon, really.

Edit: with Generation 6 around, the addition of the fairy type now gives these two Pokemon weaknesses.

answered Jan 9, 2013 by JirachiCelebiMew
edited Mar 31, 2014 by DarkTyphlosion
Yep that's the only way to get a supereffective move on these pokemon.
what are their cons???
Give time :3
Give time to who? Durant? Klinklang?
If you can use soak and turn them into a water type! this is pretty much the only way to make it them vulnerable and very few pokemon carry it.
with the new fairy type sableye and spiritomb have 1 weakness and its fairy
Florges wrecks sableye leads