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What non-water Pokemon can learn the HMs Waterfall and Dive?

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What non-water Pokemon can learn waterfall and dive?

If there is none what is a well balanced water Pokemon that I can obtain in White 2 without trading. Preferably high attack but with overall decent stats.

No legendaries please.

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Mew, Arceus, and the Lati Twins are the only non-water types capable of learning Dive
Lati twins?
Latias and Latios
How about waterfall?

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Non-water Pokemon that can learn Waterfall and Dive are the following


Hope I helped.

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Does dragonite have a high attack and overall good bulk?
dragonite has high attack and his sp.attack is a little lower.
Ok thank you. This deserves the BA.
you're welcome ;)
can't mewtwo and arceus?
nope they can't
he said no legends