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What are all the Pokemon that can't learn any Gen 5 move ?

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asked Feb 25, 2013 by MK 42
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2 Answers

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  • Magikarp
  • Unown
  • Wynaut
  • Wobbuffet
  • Ditto

I went through the list of Pokemon myself.

answered Feb 26, 2013 by Mewderator
selected Feb 26, 2013 by MK 42
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Well magikarp, feebas, delibird, ditto, unown, wobufett,and wynaut cannot learn 5th gen moves.

answered Feb 26, 2013 by zetazord210
Both Feebas and Delibird can learn Round.
Feebas also learns Scald.
I think you should recheck.....
magikarp learns tackle..
Magikarp also learns flail at level 30 if you don't want to evolve it.... But who would want to do that?