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Where can I find a spike-eared Pichu/ normal pichu in SS?

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It says Ilex Forest... but you have to interact with it?

asked Apr 2, 2013 by Isotopne

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Spiky Eared Pichu can only be obtained via an event that has now passed. It required a shiny Pichu that was given out via wifi.

Spiky Eared Pichu

As for a normal Pichu, you can't catch them in SS, so you will need to breed a Pikachu/ Raichu. You can get the former in Viridian Forest, and the latter you can only obtain by evolving Raichu.

answered Apr 2, 2013 by fondant
selected Jun 9, 2013 by Mewderator
So, if I hatch a shiny Pichu, I could get it?
Oh, so unless I trade I can't get a female Pichu...
Wait but a shiny Pichu IS Pikachu-colored isn't it?
Yes normal shiny Pichu are Pikachu coloured, but this one is specifically called Pikachu-coloured Pichu. Without the event Pichu, you cannot get a Spiky Eared one.

You can get a normal Pichu, male/ female. All you need to do is to breed Pikachu/ Raichu.
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Spiky-eared Pichu

Ilex Forest, as you said.

She will appear and join the player's party if the Pikachu-colored Pichu (or one of its evolutions) is brought to the shrine as the first Pokémon in the party. - Bulbapedia

Normal Pichu

Cannot be found in the wild normally. Instead, you can:

  • Trade it from another Gen IV game to your SoulSilver.
  • Breed a Pikachu/Raichu.
  • Migrate it from a Gen III game.
answered Apr 2, 2013 by ƒιzz