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Would draco-meteor be a good move for my dialga?

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asked Apr 8, 2013 by kitkat022

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Ok so I prefer Draco Meteor for Dialga because Dialga can use the Draco Meteor lose gain the stat drop but then move to some physical attacks like Outrage. Because it has alround good stats.

Draco Meteor
enter image description here

Roar of Time
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So, I would chose Draco Meteor over Roar of time. Don't worry if your Dialga struggles with the stat drops because that is what Outrage is for ;P

answered Apr 8, 2013 by Sciz
selected May 6, 2013 by Psychic x
Thanks so much! :P I haven't got outrage and don't get into the breeding thing, so I have to make due with those two, dragon claw and Iron tail I think ^.^  thanks!
Dragon Claw works just as well.
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If you are going with the bulk up set then, you should use Roar of time but if not ,Draco Meteor works just fine :D

answered Apr 9, 2013 by Aeternis
edited Apr 9, 2013 by Aeternis
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I'd say yes. Given Dialga's great special attack and slew of resistances, it can switch in and out no worries. Coverage isn't an issue either: you could use Fire Blast and/or Aura Sphere with Draco Meteor, and you'll hit everything for neutral damage (apart from Heatran with Fire Blast). This means you can free up a slot for Dragon Pulse, so you've got a STAB for power and a STAB for consistency.

DO NOT RUN ROAR OF TIME!! Over 2 turns, Draco Meteor and Dragon Pulse both do more damage.

answered May 16, 2013 by WCCS