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Where to get Speed Boost Torchic?

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So I really, really, REALLY want a speed boost Blaziken for my team. Can anyone help me out with some advice for where to get one? Or possibly propose a trade?

asked May 25, 2013 by miltie42
retagged May 25, 2013 by Sam Sam Sam Sam
i have one for you, as long as its x and y. i really want blazikenite, but a legendary or rare pokemon is fine if u dont have it. also, its a torchic, but it has speed boost. thnx

2 Answers

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You can't get Speed Boost for the Torchic family at the moment; while it is its Hidden Ability, it does not appear in Dream World.

There has been one Speed Boost Torchic event so far, and that's the only one that has been given out (legally). The event Torchic was also male, so it cannot pass down its Hidden Ability via breeding. You can trade, but since its so rare, people will ask highly for it.

Most of the starter Pokemon haven't had their Hidden Abilities released yet.

answered May 25, 2013 by fondant
edited May 25, 2013 by fondant
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It is a hidden ability, so you need to get the torchic in the dream world.

answered May 25, 2013 by Redspikachu