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Why did anybody needed Kyurem on the first B/W?

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At the end on the first B/W version I've capture Kyurem.. and on the second one,there where villans that needed Kyurem to freeze everything?!

asked Jun 21, 2013 by snowla
edited Jun 21, 2013 by snowla
Can you clarify your question a bit? It is quite difficult too see what the question actually is.
Why did anybody needed Kyurem one the first pokemon B/W?

1 Answer

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Well its kinda like 4th Generation. Giratina was just a normal legendary Pokemon you could catch in D/P, but in Platinum, Giratina was used in the main villian's plans. Same goes for Black/White. Kyurem is just a regular legendary you could catch, but he was then used by Team Plasma in Black/White 2, which was a sequel to the first Black/White. Hope this clears things out.

answered Jun 21, 2013 by LolAlex =3
So that also explains why didn't they needed Giratina in pokemon D/P,but they do needed it in pokemon platinum!That did clear things out!:D