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In Johto when you get in Kanto what is there to do in the Lavender Town radio tower?

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The guard is annoying. -.-'

asked Jun 22, 2013 by ZoroarkMaster132

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The Lavender Tower is there only for those players how have played through Red/Blue/Yellow (and in the remakes, FireRed/LeafGreen) to have the "nostalgia" effect. The idea is to show how much development had occurred within the three years between the RBY / GSC games.

answered Jun 22, 2013 by Miles07
selected Jun 22, 2013 by ZoroarkMaster132
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You will never be able to go up. It is something that is fixed in the game. No matter how much you try you will never be allowed to enter the elevator :/.

Source: Experience

answered Jun 22, 2013 by Aeternis
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Nothing. That is where the PokéFlute comes from, but other then that, there is nothing interesting to do.
Yeah, you can't go up the elevator, like DB~Valet says.

answered Jun 22, 2013 by Mega Evolution Guru