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Why do Team Rocket call Ash (and his friends) twerps?

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(and his friends) because he's had so many. The question says it all. This question was bugging me for a bit.

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lol I love weird questions like this. +1

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Well, it's pretty simple if you've seen the anime for a bit.

Ash and the gang (depending on whatever series) have always escaped from Team Rocket's plans, and they have never successfully stolen a Pokemon from them. And, according to Google Dictionary, the definition of twerp is:
>A silly or annoying person

And, quite frankly, the gang are rather annoying in Team Rocket's point of view. So, I guess that's my answer. xD
Hope I helped. :)

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Yeah, I've watched the anime for years and this question has never really been a big deal 'til now. Thanks anyway, Zolumni.
Its just somthing they did bdw ppl used to think broke was a racest then they found out no one gave a crap so they brought him back.

I love weird things o_O
very good ans