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Mareep,Pichu,Shinx.Which to work with?

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Me and my friend are confused on which pokemon to work with on Soulsilver.Mareep, Pichu or Shinx. We don't know which to use. Both of us have completed the game and already have the top evoltion for all three, but want to evolve one again. Could you tell us which is the best to battle with and which will take less time?

asked Oct 22, 2010 by StarMightyena

2 Answers

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If you want an Electric type, I would actually use either Electivire or Jolteon. But between these three, Pichu takes the least time to train. However, I think Ampharos (evolution of Mareep) is the best. Note also that I find Pikachu better than Raichu. However, it really depends on what role you want your Electric type to play. Ampharos has a lot of power, but it should only be used as a tank or supporter, not a sweeper. Pikachu is a glass Cannon, use it only if you don't need an Electric type for protection against a main weakness for your team. Luxray is a good wall-breaker, but it shouldn't be used as the usually special Electric sweeper.

answered Oct 22, 2010 by trachy
edited Oct 22, 2010 by trachy
thats great to know (:
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I think you should pick Shinx its a very good pokemon its better than Raichu when it evolves so yes pick Shinx.

answered Jul 29, 2011 by sergio centeno
edited Jul 29, 2011 by Speed freak
please give a reason why it is a good pokemon