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Submission Or Hypnosis on Poliwhirl? (to be Poliwrath)?

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I want to save Hypnosis for Clair's Kingdra but I feel I need a Fighting type STAB. The Other Moves Are Surf, Strength and Ice Punch. It has no nature seeing as I'm Playing Crystal, its attacking Stats are Both 39. he/she (guess I should have checked o.O) is my best team member so this is really important =p

My Team, Poli wirl/wrath - Current set- Ice Punch-Surf-Strength-Hypnosis
Furret-Currents set- Shadow Ball-Cut-Slam_Quick Attack
Bayleef-Current set-Synthesis-Strength-Poison Powder-RazorLeaf
Charmeleon-Current Set- Fire Punch-Headbutt-Smoke Screen-Growl
Eevee-Current Set-Quick Atack-Bite-Sand-Attack-Growl
Larvitar-Bite-Rock Slde-Dig-Screech
I only Just beat Morty, I know these moves suck.. you dont have to remind me T__T

asked Jul 31, 2013 by MonoUmbreon
reshown Aug 1, 2013 by MonoUmbreon
What are its teammates?
Does it matter?
Well another team member could carry a fighting move, but another team member could carry a sleep move as well
ugh so much effort
you should catch a random pokemon and give HMs to  it
Try to teach them moves to counter their weaknesses and makes your opponents pokemon go to sleep etc.
Also evolve eevee to vaporeon- High hp, can learn ice beam to tackle its grass weakness and its effective against clair's dragons
Or even a jolteon- Maybe that's better as no point of two water types

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It depends partly on what other Pokemon you are using. Assuming you have no other Fighting types on your team, I recommend Submission, because the Fighting type is useful against so many different types (Ice, Normal, Dark, Rock, and Steel). Hypnosis can still be useful, though, just be prepared to miss a lot.

answered Jul 31, 2013 by MeloettaMelody
selected Aug 21, 2013 by Mewderator
i am prepared to (and already have, like alot ) miss (ed) with Hypnosis
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Hypnosis because it is unexpected even though its accuracy is low

answered Aug 2, 2013 by zakariyyaa
Accuracy is better in crystal
Looooool. Unexpected?
What's funny?
I never knew it could learnt it
Lol did I misunderstand?
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Hypnosis in my opinion. Id much rather put the enemy asleep so I know I wont take any damage....where as with submission youre not only dealing damage but it hits you with recoil if I'm not mistaken

answered Oct 14, 2013 by TooMuchEstazio
ye you should know wake-up slap to. it awakes the target but does double damage :P