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Why didn't thief work in white?

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I taught my Stantler theif and when I did the boss fight with Cheren after I beat the game at Victory Road, I used theif on his Samurott ( which has a focus slash) and after I beat him, my Stantler didn't have the focus slash. (and no she didn't use it up)What happened?! Why don't I have the focus slash?! Please help me! Thanks! :)

Edit: My Stantler wasn't holding an item before, also when I used theif, it said "Stantler took Samurott's focus slash" or something like that.

asked Aug 6, 2013 by ehesister
edited Aug 6, 2013 by ehesister

1 Answer

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The Mechanics of Thief changed in Gen V, so now if you use Thief on an NPC's Pokemon, all items are returned after the battle. So you can't get a cheap Focus Sash that way unfortunately.
Source: Bulbapedia

answered Aug 6, 2013 by MeloettaMelody
edited Aug 6, 2013 by MeloettaMelody
Oh, well thats was a waste of rare candies, now I only have 8 and I had 17!
do you have a source?
Just edited in the source
Thank you
I think it was pretty obvious that you can't steal people's items for ever . . .
Though it would have been nice if you could :)
Yeah pretty nice!