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EV training my Umbreon?

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I have a perfect IVs Umbreon. Was wondering if you could tell me what to EV train him in. I know I want to EV train his HP, not sure if I want to also do his SpAtk or SpDef (I have an Espeon along with him in SpAtk and Speed).

He has Pokerus, so it should go easier. Can you tell me if I should use a brace (if so, which one so I can get it) for EV training, and any other tips you can give. Also, can I EV train via Exp Share?


asked Oct 2, 2013 by Myst

4 Answers

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Most common & useful Umbreon EV spread: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Def, 4 Def.

This is if your Umbreon is bred to have Wish. I think a walling is the best role for an Umbreon, but if you don't have Wish, I'm not inventive enough to come up with an offensive set for Umbreon (which it is not particularly suited to).

EV enchaning items - lists the locations of all the EV boosting braces. You can get the Power Weight in Route 4 (in W2), and the Power Band on Route 13 (W2)/ Plasma Frigate (B2). All the braces are available at the PWT or the Battle Subway.

answered Oct 3, 2013 by fondant
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I think you should ev train Umbreon in attack because he can learn good moves like faint attack and foul play. That's what I recommend for your Umbreon.

answered Oct 3, 2013 by Almighty Derpados
Foul Play is calculated by the opponent's attack, not the attack of the user. Umbreon's attack won't matter for Foul Play, and Faint Attack is a relatively weak move.
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Bold nature 252 Hp 126 Def. 126 Sp.Def. 4 Atk. The macho brace item with pokerus works great. The macho brace will get plus 2 evs times 2 due to the pokerus. Finally the exp share give evs to the Pokemon battling and the one holding the item. I done this a million of times and it is fantastic. Good luck

answered Oct 5, 2013 by infernape36
Bold nature decreases attack...
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I spread the EVS equally between Atk Def and SpDef and it wrecks souls. it's a brave umbreon which reduces speed to improve Atk and that really works for me 'cause if you run an Umbreon with payback it will help you A LOT having the speed stat as low as you can. it can tank both fisical and special effective and super-effective moves like a boss even without EVs on HP.
My move set is Moonlight, Pursuit (in case your opponent want's to switch out) confuse ray (reallyyyyyy anoing but helpfull move either for healling your umbreon or to switch out and possibly get a free turn without damage) and Payback. It really saved my skinn a ton of times!

PS.: Sorry my bad writing but i'm Portuguese and I don't have that much practice writing in English xD

answered Dec 8, 2013 by ghost