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Can anyone help me?

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You see I have a lot of fire on my team so im at a disadvantage because I don't have a wide range of types I would like to know some good pokemon and wee to find them or there evolution forms so I can beat elite four and get national pokedex. I ONLY NEEED TWO.....I PLAY DIAMOND

asked Dec 3, 2010 by Ike,Lloyd Irving
edited Dec 3, 2010 by Ike,Lloyd Irving
What game are you playing and what are your current pokemon no one can answer this question without that information

2 Answers

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Many good pokemon are tri-evolution(evolve 3 times)
such as Garchomp (dragon-ground) which is found in hidden cave under cycling road/ the cave next to it, it's obtainable before challenging elite 4.
-has good attack
-good HP
-learns dragon claw
-learns dig

Another good pokemon is Gyarados, which evolves from a magicarp(found in water using a rod) at level 20 (Gyrados is also found rarely in most water).
-has good attack
-good defense
-learns ice fang
-learns bite

From experience - I beat the elite 4 with these 2 pokemon and the aid of staraptor(which is relatively good with high attack and speed but low defenses and HP.)

answered Dec 14, 2010 by The Master
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Ice and Dragon.
Ice will beat cynthia like MAD and dragon is hard to damage.
I suggest Lapras for an ice type but I don't think you can find them wild in sinnoh, so you should trade.
And for a dragon-type Flygon or salamence.
For trapinch (to evolve for flygon) the route south of pastoria is where they are found.
Bagon for salamence by the way is under cycling road and in front of wayward cave(use pokeradar).

answered Dec 4, 2010 by ƒιzz
You can also find Bagon east of Celestic town.