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What are the levels and pokemon of the gym leaders in pokemon red?

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If you know there moves it would be nice too

asked Dec 5, 2010 by Speed freak

1 Answer

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Geodude lvl 12 (Tackle-Defence Curl)
Onix lvl 14 (Tackle-Screech-Bide-Bind)

Staryu lvl 18 (Tackle-Water Gun)
Starmie lvl 21 (Tackle-Water Gun-Harden-Bubblebeam)

Voltorb lvl 21 (Tackle-Screech-Sonicboom)
Pikachu lvl 18 (Thundershock-Thunder Wave-Growl-Quick Attack)
Raichu lvl 24 (Thundebolt-Thundershock-Thunder Wave-Growl)

Victreebell lvl 29 (Wrap-Poison Powder-Sleep Powder-Razor Leaf)
Tangela lvl 24 (Bind-Constrict)
Vileplume lvl 29 (Poison Powder-Mega Drain-Petal Dance-Sleep Powder)

Koffing lvl 37 (Tackle-Smog-Smokescreen-Sludge)
Muk lvl 39 (Disable-Minimize-Sludge-Poison Gas)
Koffing lvl 37 (Tackle-Smog-Smokescreen-Sludge)
Weezing lvl 43 (Smog-Sludge-Toxic-Selfdestruct)

Kadabra lvl 38 (Disable-Recover-Psybeam-Psychic)
Mr.Mime lvl 37 (Confusion-Barrier-Light Screen-Doubleslap)
Venomoth lvl 38 (Poison Powder-Leech Life-Stun Spore-Psybeam)
Alakazam lvl 43 (Psybeam-Psychic-Reflect-Recover)

Growlithe lvl 42 (Ember-Take Down-Leer-Agility)
Ponyta lvl 40 (Tail Whip-Stomp-Growl-Fire Spin)
Rapidash lvl 42 (Tail Whip-Stomp-Fire Spin-Growl)
Arcanine lvl 47 (Roar-Ember-Take Down-Fire Blast)

Rhyhorn lvl 45 (Stomp-Fury Attack-Horn Attack-Tail Whip)
Dugtrio lvl 42 (Dig-Growl-Slash-Sand Attack)
Nidoqueen lvl 44 (Scratch-Poison Sting-Body Slam-Tail Whip)
Nidoking lvl 45 (Tackle-Poison Sting-Thrash-Horn Attack)
Rhydon lvl 50 (Stomp-Fissure-Tail Whip-Horn Drill)

answered Dec 5, 2010 by Shxatoap