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Where can I get a skitty?

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Is there any other way other talking to dawn/lucas's sister becuase she keeps on saying everything other than skitty, its taking too long!
or is there any other version to find it on regularly?

asked Dec 13, 2010 by ms69936

1 Answer

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Sorry in Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl no I had the same problem with beldum. In HG SS you can find them in the Pokewalker in hoenn feilds which costs 5000 watts to get. I do not know why you want Skitty for Delcatty stinks but ok.

answered Dec 13, 2010 by Speed freak
Delcatty is my favourite pokemon!!!
don't be so mean!
sorry. just watch it or else...
Sorry I am just stating a fact and you can't threaten me you do not even know who I am.