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Why won't my poke'radar work?

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I went to route 211 in Sinnoh to catch a Tyrogue with my poke'radar, but it won't Let me. (Rowans words echo... blah blah blah) I'm in grass, and Dawn already walked me through the steps.

asked Nov 27, 2013 by Oriodian

1 Answer

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It may be either:

  1. It's not fully charged.

  2. You may have the wrong item registered if you're using Y(button).

  3. Make sure you're in regular grass and not the high kind ( the kind that prevents bicycle travel) <<<this one got me :p

Hope I helped :)

answered Nov 27, 2013 by Sophisticles
I tried again, making sure that I followed those rules, and yet it still won't allow me. This is very confuzzling.