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Eevee didn't retain hidden ability?

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I had caught an Eevee with Adaptability at a friend safari, and then evolved it to Sylveon, expecting a Pixilate Sylveon. But after it evolved, it had Cute Charm instead. Why is this?

asked Nov 30, 2013 by data0gimp
Because (from what I believe) Pokemon with Hidden Ability can only be found in dream world, horde, etc. I think evolving Pokemon from normal ability (and posibility HA) will not result in Pokemon with Hidden Ability. Also, their Hidden Ability is quite different.
And this information is because I haven't got 3DS to play either X or Y. So maybe there is a flaw in my theory.

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Because Eevee's hidden ability is Anticipation not Adaptability. So you need to have an Eevee with Anticipation to get Pixilate Sylveon otherwise you'll keep ending up with Cute Charm.

Source: DB page on Eevee

answered Nov 30, 2013 by $tarPower
selected Dec 22, 2013 by Mewderator
Yeah, DemonFlygawne made the same mistake and trade me an adaptability eevee -.-"
oh. damn. sorry, someone told me it was adaptability. god. i feel like an idiot now. i saw an anticipation eevee an just ran from it.