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WHAT is the strongest move of each type???

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Like explosion is the strongest normal type

asked Dec 16, 2010 by Ike,Lloyd Irving

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You can see yourself by going to and choosing a type from the menu, then clicking to sort the column. But I will summarize anyway...

NORMAL - Explosion
FIRE - V-Create (or Blast Burn for a move more Pokemon can use)
WATER - Hydro Cannon
ELECTRIC - Lightning Strike (or, Zap Cannon/Thunder/Volt Tackle for more Pokemon)
GRASS - Frenzy Plant
ICE - Freeze Shock/Ice burn (or Blizzard for more Pokemon)
FIGHTING - Focus Punch
POISON - Gunk Shot
GROUND - Precipice Blades
FLYING - Sky Attack
PSYCHIC - Psycho Boost
BUG - Megahorn
ROCK - Rock Wrecker/Head Smash
GHOST - Shadow Force
DRAGON - Roar of Time
DARK - Foul Play
STEEL - Doom Desire
FAIRY - Light of Ruin
Remember these are the most powerful only, not the actual best moves. For example Frenzy Plant stops you from moving the next turn so it's not a good move at all.

answered Dec 16, 2010 by Pokemaster
edited May 31 by 5th of November
I think Eruption is better... or maybe Heat Crash... I think they are better than Blast Burn because the user needs to recharge!!!!!!!
Love foul play, especially when people abuse dragon dance.
the strongest ground type move is Precipice Blades not earthquake
P-Blades wasn't released when this was asked/answered, and I highly doubt Pokemaster keeps ALL of his answers up-to-date.
Sheer Cold is the strongest Ice Type move. Horn Drill\Guillotine is the strongest Normal type move. Fissure is the strongest Ground type move.
Can't argue with that logic.