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Error code in Pokemon Y?

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Everytime I try to go on PSS in Y it has an Error Code and says that I have to update the software, but I already did and it doesnt let me ugrade it more. HELP!

asked Dec 28, 2013 by AbsoLoveer97

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By update did you receive version 1.2? If not then this may be the cause of your problem. To do so go to Nintendo Eshop and go to the Pokemon XY section then you should be able to download the correct corresponding software.

answered Dec 28, 2013 by Sophisticles
selected Jan 8, 2014 by AbsoLoveer97
I dont even have that on my 3Ds. How can I get it?
Go to Nintendo Eshop and download the correct corresponding software which means if have X download version 1.2 for X same applies for Y.