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Where is a good spot for chain fishing in x/y?

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And has decent Pokemon as well?

asked Jan 5 by Ozzytheninja99

2 Answers

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In places surrounded by rocks, or in a corner. The more enclosed a fishing area is, the more likely you are to encounter many consecutive pokémon while fishing. A good example of such a location is in the area south of the Muraille Coast beach, which is part of Ambrette Town. There are some rocks at the south end of the path that surround a patch of water on three sides. You can fish in that patch of water by surfing there and using your fishing rod.


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answered Jan 5 by Torterra02
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Technically if you have a Pokemon with suction cups in the front of your party you have a guaranteed chance of encountering a Pokemon. My favorite spot is azure bay personally I don't even need a suction cups cause I go in a spot hidden in the rocks. So basically you can go anywhere and always get a hook as long as you have a Pokemon like inkay with suction cups in the front of your party. If you don't find a spot that is sourounded by something closing in like the example I used before rocks in azure bay you will have a better chance of not getting a hook at all. Check my first source to see all the Pokemon found in the bay and what rod. Check the second one for all routes that have a fishing spot. It even includes the Pokemon and which rod to use


I hope this helped!!!

answered Jan 5 by Carebears123
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