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How do you restart your game in X/Y?

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You know, just in case I accidentally do the Lumoise City glitch. Haunter

*Shiny Haunter takes your game data

asked Jan 5 by spikypichy

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Well, it is actually currently impossible to still perform the Lumiose Glitch seeing as there was a force update which was enforced to fix this glitch however to restart your game in XY just use the following button combination at the opening introduction sequence.

answered Jan 5 by Aeternis
edited Jan 5 by Aeternis
You are welcome
I don't think that sequence is right..? When I restarted my game, I had to press UP+B+X. I have X..  :\
Oh snap, you are right
I typed in the one for the previous generations v.v
No probs. :P