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What happens when you complete the Pokedex in X&Y?

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I'm asking whether something happens when you complete both the Kalos Pokedex and the National Pokedex. Is it nothing? Do you get a cool Pokemon like in other games? Do you get a star on your trainer card?

Just remember, I'm asking for what happens when you obtain all in the Kalos and then all Pokemon in the wurrrrld.

asked Jan 19 by hotcakes
Since usak you don't get any o3o jk

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In Pokémon X and Y, you get the Oval Charm (Oval Charm) after completing the Kalos Pokédex, which increases your chances of getting an Egg at the Day Care. You get the Shiny Charm (Shiny Charm) after completing the National Pokédex, which increases the chance of finding Shiny Pokémon in the wild.

You also get a Diploma for completing each of the Pokédexes:

Central Kalos Pokédex:

Central Kalos Diploma

Coastal Kalos Pokédex:

Coastal Kalos

Mountain Kalos Pokédex:

Mountain Kalos

Kalos Pokédex:

Kalos Pokédex

National Pokédex:

National Pokédex

Also your trainer card turns silver after completing the three Kalos Pokédexes.

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answered Jan 19 by Sir Dan
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Wait u didnt say the thing about your trainer card turning silver after you catch every pokemon in kalos
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Professor Sycamore will give the player an Oval Charm for completing all three Kalos Pokédexes (Central Kalos, Coastal Kalos, and Mountain Kalos) and a Shiny Charm for completing the National Dex.


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answered Jan 19 by Torterra02
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You get the shiny charm form the Professor AND get a diploma from the Game Director in a hotel (in Coumarine City).
You also get this little badge next to the National Pokedex. When you catch every Pokemon in the Kalos region your trainer card changes colour!( it changes from blue to silver) and you get the Oval Charm.

enter image description here

answered Sep 2 by Shy Guy of Justice
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I'm pretty sure you meant Oval Charm and not Stone lol
Dat stone. We can evolve Chansey already. It comes holding one sometimes xD
Chansey: Please evolve me if possible...
Arca: I'll complete the National dex first. xD
And i did demat :) all 719 pokemon
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