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Why am I keep getting Axew?

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I am breeding a Charmander and Axew. I want a Charmander witht he Dragon Pulse Ability but I keep getting Axew instead. Is it a random chance to get a Charmander egg? or will I keep getting Axew egg?

asked Mar 16 by UltimaCharizard
LOL Dragon Pulde Ability

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This is because your Axew is female. When you breed two Pokemon, the offspring will always be the female Pokemon. So this is why you keep getting Axew.

Think about it, the female in almost every species gives birth (seahorses tho o3o), so why wouldn't it be the same in Pokemon?

Source: Experience

answered Mar 16 by Le Scraf
selected Mar 16 by UltimaCharizard
the female seahorse does give birth - she just lays the eggs in the male's pouch so they get to look after them :)
as I thought... now I just need a female Charmander thank you so much for your help ^^ I am kinda new to the pokemon games the last pokemon game I played was Yellow...
"Male pregnancy is the incubation of one or more embryos or fetuses by male members of any species. In nearly all heterogamous animal species, offspring are ordinarily carried by the female until birth, but in fish of the Syngnathidae family (pipefish and seahorses), males perform this function."