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Does Recycle recycle used items?

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I know that recycle could recycle berries, but does it recycle items like power herbs and red cards?

asked Mar 19, 2014 by Mega Dragoon

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Recycle recycles any consumable items e.g. Berries, Herbs, Focus Sash, Weakness Policy etc.

So yes Recycle does recycle the Power Herb and Red Card items.

Source: Experience

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answered Mar 19, 2014 by Lord Dan
selected May 14, 2014 by Mega Dragoon
I voted +1 DanH.. I didn't know it does herbs or/and items.. I thought recycle was only for berrys. +_+
I did too at first, it's mostly used for that so yeah. Pretty cool though.
Thanks :) but please call me "Dan" lol :P
It's mainly used in conjunction with Berries but it also works with other items.
You and JZ always give good answers. You both really give time into them
If a pokemon used up the item and recycles already, can it be used again in the next battle? Basically will it still remember the item in the previous battle and use recycle again?
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Recycle allows the user to regain a held item, such as a Berry, once it has been consumed. Consumed items are not forgotten when the Pokémon is switched out. Recycle can recover items consumed by Bug Bite, Fling, Natural Gift, and Pluck, but not items lost by Thief, Covet, Trick, Switcheroo, or Bestow. Recycle will also fail if the item is collected by a Pokémon with Pickpocket.

It works for other consumable items as well, berries are only used here as an example. It would also work for example with Focus sash.

Recycle is an interesting move that has potential uses with single-use items, such as a Berry or Focus Sash.

Sources: Bulbaperia and Smogon's Recycle analysis

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answered Mar 19, 2014 by JackZero
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The Recycle in-game move re-uses a berry that was used before. It only works for the user who's already used the berry; to be used again, so if your snorlax used ''Rest and restored sleep with chesto berry'' Recycle gives another chesto berry in conjunction once succesfuly used as a move.

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answered Mar 19, 2014 by Haribos_01
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