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Is there any way to bypass this?

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Someone on the GTS makes a fair offer. So I'm trying to trade the pokemon. In this case, they want a level 9 or under dewgong for a Seadra (holding a dragon scale). I have the pokemon, but the problem is I can't trade it because it doesn't meet the level requirements, but a level 9 dewgong isn't possible without cheating! I've seen several trades like this on the GTS, is it possible to work around them somehow?

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Only cheaters can - that's why I'm so worried about evolving some Pokémon myself (talking about GTS evolution glitch). I put my EVd Haunter onto offer for a level 9- Ho-oh. But, cheaters are real...:(

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That really sucks...
You can understand really quickly :D
Be careful asking for under level 9 legendaries. Many events give away level 1 legendaries. You're better off asking for level 9 Garchomp, ie an evolved pokemon you can't catch at that level.
Although you might prefer getting an event Ho-Oh to your Haunter lol
Actually you CAN get 9- Garchomp in...ALMOST legit way :D It's called Pomeg Glitch - you battle with one fainted Pokémon and one EGG - once it has enought EXP to become Garchomp and hatches, it should be a LEVEL 1 GARCHOMP O_o -BTW, I hope I understood the glitch well-