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How can I breed a charmander with thunderpunch and dragon rush?

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See I've been going back and forth between pkmn platinum and black versions trying to breed a charmander with thunderpunch and dragon rush because its powerful and thunderpunch against water types. I'm currently playing platinum to breed and set up the charmander before I use poketransfer to put it on pkmn black.Can someone help?

asked Mar 30, 2014 by Black Dragoon6

1 Answer

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You can breed a charmander with dragon rush. use this link to see which Pokemon can pass it down
After you get a Charmander with dragon rush (and any other advantages you wish to aim for), you can use the move tutor in Driftveil to learn thunderpunch.

answered Mar 31, 2014 by hyper beam
sorry, Platinum: Route 212, 6 blue shards and 2 red. Dragon rush is still an egg move: