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What is the slowest Pokémon that can learn U-turn or Volt Switch?

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I want to know this because it's nice to be able to switch out at the end of a turn and start the next one with a fresh Pokémon ready to go. The slowest one I found so far was Mega Ampharos (with a base Speed stat of 45). If anyone can help me, that would be great (and by the way I'm looking for only FE Pokémon).

asked Apr 26, 2014 by Pimplup

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Sentret and Vespiquen are the slowest users of U-Turn. whilst Klink and Probopass are the slowest users of Volt Switch (Probopass isthe slowest fully evolved Pokemon).

You can use these to easily find the slowest users of these moves that best fits your team.

answered Apr 26, 2014 by Flafpert
selected Apr 27, 2014 by Pimplup