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What are all moves/abilities that affect items?

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This includes Moves/Abilities that can create items e.g. recycle, etc

asked Jun 8, 2014 by Blade with Leaves
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Held items or all items?
All items

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All abilities that affect items/are affected by items: Cheek pouch, frisk, gluttony, harvest, klutz, honey gather, magician, pickpocket, pickup, sticky hold, symbiosis, unburden, unnerve.

All moves that effect items: acrobatics, bestow, covet, trick, incinerate, embargo, magic room, recycle, natural gift, pluck, fling, knock off, switcheroo, bug bite, snatch, belch.

Source: the db move and ability pages.

answered Jun 8, 2014 by The Noby
selected Jun 8, 2014 by Blade with Leaves
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Moves: Acrobatics, Bestow, Covet, Embargo, Fling, Knock Off, Magic Room, Recycle, Switcheroo, Thief, Trick, Belch, Bug Bite, Incinerate, Natural Gift, Pluck.

Abilities: Frisk, Klutz, Magician, Pickpocket, Pickup, Sticky Hold, Symbiosis, Unburden, Cheek Pouch, Gluttony, Harvest, Unnerve.

I believe that's all of them. :v I got these by going through the Moves and Abilities list on the DB checking to see which ones affected Items and Berries. Hope I helped, fren.

EDIT: Also, the ones that I missed that The Noby listed. Don't forget those.

Moves | Abilities

answered Jun 8, 2014 by melcakes